9 Reasons Why Travel Makes You Happy

Travel Makes You Happy


Everyone has different ideas of what will make them happy.  Some people believe that money is the answer, while others believe that a nice home and a nice car will do the trick.  While the answers are usually different depending on who is asked, there is one answer that we can all agree on.

That answer is travel.  When asked, everyone has stated that travel makes them happy.  Therefore, we can only come to the conclusion that travel makes you happy!

Here are 9 reasons why travel makes you happy:

  1. Improves self-confidence


You will never find yourself completely prepared for your vacations.  There is always going to be something that goes wrong, whether it is a delayed flight, a broken-down vehicle, or something more detrimental.  However, once you have begun to solve any problem that you face, your self-confidence will grow.  As you continue to find yourself becoming more confident, you will see that you feel much happier.


  1. Travel Make You Happy and Happiness Can Spread


The locals in many areas of the world are quite happy, even if they are living with very little.  When you travel to those regions, you will find yourself smiling right along with them, even if you are waiting in a long line that seems like it is never going to end, just so you can see some popular tourist attraction.


  1. New friends


Larger social circles can always make you a happier person and there is no better place to meet new people than when you are traveling.  As you are traveling, you will want to look for places to meet the locals or other people who are traveling just like you are.  These people that you meet may end up being your new best friends and make you happier than you have ever been before.


  1. Stay away from social media


Social media is a fabulous thing, but after a while it can wear you down.  You may find yourself becoming depressed from reading one too many complaints from your friends or you simply might just find that you are spending way too much time on each site every day.  To reclaim your happiness once again, you should stay off your social media as much as possible when you are traveling.


  1. Focus on YOU


You may be wondering how much of you, you should be focusing on, but we bet that if you think about it carefully, you will find that you haven’t focused on yourself in a very long time.  When was the last time you went out to lunch by yourself or spent the day at the spa uninterrupted?  Your days are probably filled with phone calls, emails, and questions galore, and not enough quiet time for you.  During your vacations, you should truly focus on yourself, so that you can get back in the habit of taking time for you.


  1. Learn something new


Learning means that you are using your brain and active brains can create higher levels of happiness.  You should try to learn something new every time you are traveling.  It doesn’t have to be something that seems boring to you either.  If you already love to cook, you may want to consider how to cook some of the local cuisine.  History lovers may want to learn more about the attractions in an area and active people may want to learn a new sport or two.


  1. Increase your vitamin D levels


Sunshine will increase the vitamin D levels in your body and those higher levels will make you feel happier.  Traveling is the perfect time to spend time in the sun, whether you are walking around or sitting on the sand on a magnificent beach.


  1. The memories last a lifetime


Traveling can help you be happy for a long time in the future, because you will continuously recount the memories that you made on each and every trip.  Those memories can be of the new experiences that you had, the new people that you met, or even the new foods that you tried.


  1. Relaxation


If you spend enough time relaxing when you travel, you will reap the benefits when you return home.  The reason for this is that you will continue to spend some time relaxing every day even though you are no longer on vacation, because it has become a habit for you.


Spending time in other areas of the world can be a good thing since travel makes you happy.  There are thousands of places for you to choose from as you are planning your next getaway, and you will want to choose a destination that has multiple things available that you are interested in.  That way, when you arrive, you will be well on your way of having another successful vacation to add to your list!

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