Turkish Foods

35 Turkish Foods You MUST Try While In Turkey

22. Acma (Açma)

Turkish Foods

Acma is a type of Turkish pastry that people often have for breakfast. It tastes a bit like a brioche, but with a bit of a thicker texture. You can have it with butter, cheese, or simply plain. It’s great if you don’t have time for a full on Turkish breakfast.

23. Pogaca (Poğaça)

Turkish Foods

Pogaca is also another quick breakfast option and is very popular in cafes and breakfast places in Turkey. It tastes a bit like Acma, but it’s a little heavier.


24. Kaymakli yogurt

Turkish Foods

As explained earlier in this post, kaymak is milk cream. Kaymakli yogurt is a type of yogurt that has a layer of thick cream on top of it. It’s very heavy, but it’s delicious.

25. Roasted chestnuts

Turkish Foods

This is a very popular snack that you can find in small stands; especially if you are walking down Istiklal Caddesi in Taksim. It’s healthy and delicious. It may not sound very tempting, but once you walk down the street and you smell it, you will want to have some, trust me 🙂


26. Adana Kebap

Turkish Foods

Adana kebap is a another type of kebap that is also very popular among Turkish foods. It’s a long minced meat kebab grilled on an open mangal filled with charcoal. Deeelish!

27. Kumpir

Turkish Foods

This is the Turkish way to prepare baked potatoes. The potato is cut in the middle, then they add a lot of cheese, butter and all sorts of toppings; such as sweet corn, olives, pickles, peas beets, and so much more. The most popular place for Kumpir in Istanbul is Ortakoy.


28. Tarhana

Turkish Foods

Tarhana soup is a very popular Turkish food that is made from dehydrated ingredients. It comes in the form of a powder that you need to cook later adding water to it. The ingredients include flour, tomatoes, onions, yogurt and green peppers. It’s also one of my favorites.


  1. Yummy! Turkish food definitely looks delicious.

    One can get fat just by looking at this page.

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