Turkish Foods

35 Turkish Foods You MUST Try While In Turkey

15. Bal kaymak

Turkish Foods

And what Turkish breakfast without bal kaymak? I wonder ­čśÇ Bal means honey and kaymak means milk cream. Basically it tastes a bit like organic butter, and you eat it with honey on a slice of bread as a dessert after your big fat Turkish breakfast. Definitely a must try!


16. Kuru Fasuliye

Kuru means dry and fasuliye means beans. This is also one of my favorites. It’s simply white dry beans cooked in tomato sauce and butter. There are certain places in Istanbul that specialize in this. One of them is Suleymaniye. There is a restaurant there that serves only kuru fasuliye; it’s called:┬áTarihi Me┼čhur Kurufasulyeci Erzincanl─▒ Ali Baba.

17. Lentil Soup (mercimek ├žorbas─▒)

Turkish Foods

This has quickly become one of my favorite Turkish soups as soon as I moved here. It’s a red or yellow lentil soup that is later blended, so it has a very smooth texture and really yummy flavor.


18. Stuffed Vine Leaves (Yaprak Sarma)

Turkish Foods

I have never thought in my life that vine leaves could be eaten until I visited Turkey the first time. Not only can they be eaten, but they are delicious. These are rolls stuffed either with rice or meat. My favorite variation is the rice one.

19. Iskender

Turkish Foods

Don’t even think about visiting Turkey without having Iskender. This is an absolute must eat. It consists of meat sort of flakes that are cooked in a “doner” style. Then they are served with a special tomato sauce, yogurt, then melted butter. I normally pass on the butter as it’s already rich as it is. But people would argue that “there is no such thing as much butter” Hahaha!


20. Ekmek Kadayifi

Turkish Foods

This is one of my favorite desserts. It’s a sort of bread pudding and is served with kaymak. It’s super sweet, but it’s yummy!

21. D├Âner sandwich

Turkish Foods

Doner sandwich is a sandwich made of Iskender meat in a pita bread most of the time. Sometimes they use regular bread as well. I personally prefer it in pita. It’a a perfect option for a snack too.


  1. Yummy! Turkish food definitely looks delicious.

    One can get fat just by looking at this page.

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