Turkish Foods

35 Turkish Foods You MUST Try While In Turkey

8. Lokum

Turkish Foods

Lokum, also known as Turkish delight, is one of the first things I have tried when I visited Istanbul the first time (since I love sweet stuff). There are so many types of lokum that I am yet to discover most of them 😀 If you have a sweet tooth, that’s your treat!

9. Pide

Turkish Foods

Pide is another one of many famous Turkish foods out there. Whether you are pressed for time or you’re too lazy to cook on a week night, pide seems to be one of the best options to order. Pide also comes in different flavors. Sometimes it can be small and considered an appetizer, but some pides are so huge that they can be a meal on their own.


10. Kofte (Köfte)

Turkish Foods

Probably one of the most famous Turkish foods: kofte. Kofte simply means meat balls. However, there are so many types of kofte that you won’t be able to taste all of them on a single visit to Turkey 😀

11. Durum (Dürüm)

Turkish Foods

Durum means roll. Just like pide, durum can be a snack when you have the munchies. There are many types of durum, but the most popular one is the one with kofte inside it. Some durums also have vegetables. My favorite one is with kofte and grilled eggplant… Deeelish!


12. Lahmacun

Turkish Foods

Although not one of my favorites, I thought I should mention it in this list as it is definitely one of the most popular Turkish foods. Lahmacun can sometimes be confused with pide, but they are different. It looks more like a pizza. In fact, some people call it Turkish pizza.

13. Balik Ekmek

Turkish Foods

Balik means fish in Turkish and Ekmek means bread. Basically, balik ekmek is simply a fish sandwich. The reason I am mentioning it on this list is because it’s so popular in Turkish pazars and especially in Eminonu; just outside the spice bazaar. The fish they use is mostly mackerel. I’m not a big fan of mackerel myself, but believe me, when you’re shopping around in a bazaar and you start getting hungry, it can be a great snack 🙂


14. Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Foods

Definitely one of the best breakfasts I have ever had when traveling around. Actually Turkish breakfast is not merely a breakfast; it’s an experience 😀 If you have a complete Turkish breakfast, you will probably not eat for the rest of day because it’s so rich and full of stuff. Here are just some of the things that you can find in a Turkish breakfast:

– Borek
– Cheese, some more cheese, and then some more
– Bread
– Butter
– Jam
– Honey
– Sausages
– Olives
– Olive oil
– Pepper spread

and so much more.


  1. Yummy! Turkish food definitely looks delicious.

    One can get fat just by looking at this page.

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